Summary of Work

Prolific author Max Lucado, with the support of his teaching ministry UpWords, sends encouragement to thousands with his daily emails of encouragement. So when his team encountered an RSS-to-email challenge, they went searching for a MailChimp expert agency and tapped Fervor for email troubleshooting. But as we started building the RSS solution, we discovered Max’s site was overdue for a redesign.


The email fix was only the beginning. Once we got Max’s email marketing running smoothly, we got to work on Refreshed messaging, a robust encouragement database, back-end functionality and on-point design. Fervor has also taken UpWords’ annual giving to new heights, with a revamped year-end giving campaign. Plus, Fervor launched and manages a Google Ad Grant campaign, further heightening engagement.

  • Integrated Services

    UpWords, the teaching ministry of Max Lucado, relies on generous donations to continue its meaningful work. Fervor developed UpWords’ year-end giving efforts, building a holistic campaign with a redesigned letter and email appeals.

  • Email Experts

    We started by creating a sophisticated RSS-to-email solution, and as MailChimp experts, we send 105,000 emails a day to Max’s List. Daily monitoring and digital support ensures that his messages of inspiration and encouragement are deployed and delivered every day.

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Today, we send 105,000 emails a day to Max’s list. We’ve guided UpWords to a better web hosting solution as well. So when his election-themed post went viral, we made sure his site stayed up and running during the traffic spike — not to mention the millions of visitors to each month. Max’s message of God’s hope travels around the world in more than 50 languages, and millions of people are encouraged by the man Reader’s Digest called “America’s Pastor.”

      Max Lucado

      Author and Speaker